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|Restores boss HP to normal amounts
|Restores boss HP to normal amounts
|Zookeeper's Burden
|''All attacking and Powers disabled. Gain one of each Repro.''
|Behold, the menagerie!
|Player is no longer able to attack or use Powers, but gains one copy of every type of [[Augments|Repro]] (except for Skittery Smuggler if playing co-op).
|Re-enables attacks and Power usage

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Note: due to the Prototypes page's existence, this page should eventually be made into a redirect page. However, (correct) information on this page should be transferred over to Prototypes first.

Prototype Augs are special Augs which grant powerful effects, both positive and negative. Very Safe Labs are the only places where Prototype Augs can be found.

All Prototype Augs are always unlocked, but they must be picked up once before their entries in Datalore are revealed.

Name Description Effects Effects Info System Restore Effects System Restore Info
Violence Enhancer.png Violence Enhancer Damage massively increased. For everyone. \+5 Attack Strength, +5 Power Strength

Violence consumes you. Your sanity slips.

The player takes double damage from all sources ?
Brutish Augmentation.png Brutish Augmentation Cast your powers aside. Embrace your primal power. x1.5 Attack Strength

Max Energy set to Zero, Powers Disabled

? ? Re-enables powers and returns lost Max Energy
Focusing Sagelens.png Focusing Sagelens Unlock true wisdom. Set aside your savage nature. POWER OVERWHELMING!

Attack Strength set to -18

x2.5 Power Strength

(Boxes and chests still take a minimum of 10 damage from attacks)

? Returns lost Attack Strength
Earthmetal Plating.png Earthmetal Plating Become one with the planet. May reduce output. \+(old ATK+PWR) Maximum Health, +(old ATK+PWR) Maximum Energy

Attack Strength reduced to 0, Power Strength reduced to 0

? ? Refunds lost ATK and PWR
Interesting Times.png Interesting Times Ebb and flow with the times... Interesting times... On level start, a random stat is increased by +(level), and a different random stat is decreased by -(level). Stat modifications only last for the current level. ? Disables random stat decrease
Uncharging Force.png Uncharging Force Gain incredible strength. Never hold it in again. \+7 Attack Strength

Charging Disabled

Attacks can no longer be manually charged. Automatically-charged attacks, including the Rippling Axe's aerial attack and the Plasma Blender's combo-charged attacks, remain unaffected. ? Re-enables manual charging of attacks
Final Shell.png Final Shell Incredible protection shields the frailest core. \+(lost max HP * 2) Armor

Maximum Health set to 1

? ? Returns lost Maximum Health
Zookeeper's Burden.png Zookeeper's Burden All attacking and Powers disabled. Gain one of each Repro. Behold, the menagerie! Player is no longer able to attack or use Powers, but gains one copy of every type of Repro (except for Skittery Smuggler if playing co-op). ? Re-enables attacks and Power usage
Consuming Fury.png Consuming Fury The flame that shines the brightest... Agony on level up On level start, +2 ATK, +2 PWR, -2 Max HP (down to minimum 1 Max HP) ? Halts Maximum Health loss on level start, but does not refund lost Maximum Health.
Sanity Converter.png Sanity Converter Powers consume maximum energy and deal immense damage. Your sanity slips... x2.0 Power Strength

Whenever Energy would be consumed, Maximum Energy is consumed instead, and base Power Strength is increased by the amount of Maximum Energy consumed.

? Halts Maximum Energy consumption and Power Strength gain, but does not refund lost Maximum Energy
Defiant Decree.png Defiant Decree Bosses gain +50% HP and grant 2 chests. No guts, no glory. Bosses have 50% more HP than usual, but now grant 2 Boss Chests instead of 1 (4 instead of 3 for Dr. Arlon Brighton?) ? Restores boss HP to normal amounts