Dr. Arlan Flat

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Dr. Arlan Flat & its robot, also known as "Omega Model" are the boss in the last stage "Deepstation Two".

Omega Model (with Arlan Flat inside)
Omega Model (with Arlan Flat inside)

Boss Room

Arlan's boss room is the biggest in the game, and will vary, without any patterns, in its layout.


The Omega Model will use modified versions of Shatterbeak's SplinterFrost and Death Lotus's Mortar to prevent the player from advancing.


Arlan Flat and the Omega Model don't have a weakness.


This boss battle consists of parts where taking damage is unavoidable, however it is possible to reduce incoming damage by using the Twin Astrals's Flame Shield in order to protect the player from most traps across the room. The player will also find various copies of Nina and Ace across the stage, which can be destroyed with one hit, but may represent a threat in a low-health situation.


Alpha Lore (First Kill)

Dr. Arlan Flat, Chief of Control and Rector of Retribution for the Corp.

Flat's career history is as steeped in cruelty as you'd expect. Having previously held top posts with the IRS, the world's most prominent telemarketing firm, and your childhood dentist's office, Flat came to the Corp after a long stint trying his hand as the head of a little-known private military corporation. The board made him a proposal he couldn't deny: to pay him for cruelty for cruelty's sake as head of Project testing.

Beta Lore (Second Kill)

Flat appears to have next to no interest in the Development side of the Project; instead, he's given himself fully to the testing cycle, and has dedicated his life to the realization of the Omega Model, even though it knows it may one day break the bonds of the test harness and roam free. To that end, he's even installed a dead man's switch for his Facility in his own heart - if that day ever comes, Flat will get one last shot to test his subjects.

Gamma Lore (Third Kill)

As you likely know by now, Flat's death marks the completion of the Project. You've outgrown the deadliest tests of the world's cruelest individual, and so the Station is no longer required. Both Development and Control will be shuttered immediately. In giving up the ghost, he's seen the culmination of his efforts refining you -- truly, all he's ever wanted in this world -- so try not to feel too bad about it.

The Project is complete, and the Board thanks you for your participation.

We recommend that you enjoy the freedom while it lasts.