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If you are looking for regular Augments, click here.

Core Augments are augments which fit to a specific part of your body, with only one core augment equip-able to a slot at a time. They are found most frequently within Core Chests (which themselves appear most frequently as rewards for completing a Glory Zone's objective).

There are four sets of core augments: the Armatort Set, which focuses on defense; the Dracopent Set, which focuses on weapon attacks; the Owlhawk Set, which focuses on power attacks; and the Oxjack set, which focuses on speed.

Name Description (Ingame) Popup Text Additional Information Set Bonus
Armatort head.png Armatort's Dome Core (Head): Health pickups might grant armor! Armorscoop Online 20% proc rate for small life pellets, 30% for large ones.
At full health, 30% chance for small pellets, 60% for large ones.
Armatort set.png
Armatort, the Unstoppable
"Hazardshield Online!"

Makes the player immune to spikes, lava and lasers.
Armatort chest.png Armatort's Shell Core (Body): Grants immunity to knockback! Knockback Resistor Online
Armatort arms.png Armatort's Pound Core (Arms): Your charged attacks vaporize enemy shots! Shot Eraser Online, +2 Attack Strength, +2 Power Strength Does not erase Kur's Quint Lasers.
Armatort feet.png Armatort's Momentum Core (Legs): 2 second hover! (Tap JUMP while in midair/again to cancel) Short Hover Online Player can only move left and right during hover.
Dracopent head.png Dracopent's Fang Core (Head): Charging up boosts your next attack, too! Chargestore Online As Draco, gain +1 Max Dracocharge instead. Dracopent set.png
Dracopent, the Foul
"Hypercharge Online!"

All attacks are charged attacks. Attacks can still be ultracharged, but don't do so any faster.
(As Draco, gain +3 Max Dracocharges instead)
Dracopent chest.png Dracopent's Pride Core (Body): Attack kills might restore health! Lifesteal Online 8% Proc rate. Chests can trigger the effect. Attack-based Repros can proc the effect on kill.
Dracopent arms.png Dracopent's Claw Core (Arms): Charge your attacks even chargier! Ultracharge Online, +4 Attack Strength Ultracharged attacks deal 50% more damage than normally-charged attacks.
Dracopent feet.png Dracopent's Bound Core (Legs): Double Jump! Bonus Jump Online Scales with mobility upgrades.
Owlhawk head.png Owlhawk's Focus Core (Head): 50% of Powers cast FREE! Energy Conservator Online Owlhawk set.png
Owlhawk, the Wise
"Juiced Powers Online!"

Gives powers extra effects that differ for each power. (See Powers for details)
Owlhawk chest.png Owlhawk's Reign Core (Body): Power kills might restore health! Powerkill Lifesteal Online 10% Proc rate. Chests can trigger the effect. Power-based Repros can proc the effect on kill.
Owlhawk arms.png Owlhawk's Talon Core (Arms): Your attack kills might restore energy! Energy Siphon Online, +4 Power Strength 15% Proc rate. Chests can trigger the effect. Attack-based Repros can proc the effect on kill.
Owlhawk feet.png Owlhawk's Feather Core (Legs): 1 second fly! (Tap JUMP while in midair/again to cancel) Short Fly Online Player can move in all directions (including upward) during flight.
Oxjack head.png Oxjack's Ken Core (Head): Dashbolt activate -- dashing fires a powerful blast! Boltdash Activated Deals 15 damage + 3x Run Speed stat Oxjack set.png
Oxjack, the Flash
"Ultimate Airdash Online!"

Gives 2 extra airdashes.
Oxjack chest.png Oxjack's Guile Core (Body): Dashing grants a shield! (no popup text) Shield erases enemy shots other than Kur's Quint Lasers on contact
Oxjack arms.png Oxjack's Fury Core (Arms): Charge time reduced! +2 Attack Strength, +2 Power Strength Charge speed increased by 33%/Charge time decreased by 25%
Oxjack feet.png Oxjack's Blitz Core (Legs): 4-way dash in mid-air! Airdash Online! Scales with Run Speed.