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|<div style="color: #00aa00">+1 Power Damage per 4 current NRG</div>
|<div style="color: #00aa00">+1 Power Damage per 4 current NRG</div>

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Augments are special items which are acquired during play. They normally grant the player permanent passive bonuses, which last until the end of the player's current run. These items are not collected automatically - they require the player to press {Activate Thing} next to them to pick up.

Only Life Extender, Potato Battery, Strongarm Band, Reclaimed Spark and Ninja Sash are available at the outset in Reverent, Normal and Defiant runs - all other augments must first be unlocked with Soul Chips before they will appear in these kinds of runs. Once all augments have been unlocked, the player gains the option to temporarily re-lock augments at the Undeveloper for Soul Chips, preventing them from appearing at all in the next Reverent or Normal Run. (Due to the shared seed nature of challenge runs, all augments are always available while running Daily/Weekly (Hardcore) Challenges, Rush Jobs, and Seed Racer runs [?].)

Acquiring Augments

Augments can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Rarely dropped from Wooden Chests and Steel Chests.
  • Dropped from destroyed Bronze Chests and Boss Chests.
  • Purchased from Shops using Nuts.
  • Produced by Skittery Smugglers upon detonation (after collecting enough Nuts).
  • Purchased from the Soul Shop in The Ark for a quantity of Soul Chips, before a run.
  • Rarely dropped from Vitality Converters (Heart Containers only), Health Dispensers (Heart Containers only) and Energy Dispensers (Potato Batteries only) which are destroyed while Vendsmasher is active.
  • Obtained from Dally during a Reverent or Normal run if the appropriate Permanent Upgrades have been purchased and are currently active

Regular Augments

Effect descriptions in (italics) are not told by the game. Information marked with a (???) symbol may not be accurate.

Name Description Effects Cost to Unlock Soul Shop Cost Shop Cost Additional Information
Life Extender.png Life Extender Max health +1.
+1 Maximum Health
Start 6 12 Can appear as an option for an end of level boss reward.
Heart Container.png Heart Container Max health +2.
+2 Maximum Health
5 12 25
Megaheart.png Megaheart Max health +4!
+4 Maximum Health
18 22 45
Blue Lander.png Blue Lander Max health +1! Also, full health.
+1 Maximum Health
+[healed] Health
20 12 25
Potato Battery.png Potato Battery Max energy +3!
+3 Maximum Energy
Start 6 12 Can appear as an option for an end of level boss reward.
Vibroreserve.png Vibroreserve Max energy +6!
+6 Maximum Energy
12 12 24
Vitaboost.png Vitaboost +1 Max HP, Max NRG, and Armor!
+1 Maximum Health
+1 Maximum Energy
+1 Armor
9 6 12
Armorall.png Armorall Speed +?2. Max NRG +?2. Armor+2?.
+2? Speed
+2? Maximum Energy
++2 Armor
??? ??? ???
Brain Food Lunch.png Brain Food Lunch Max HP +2! Max NRG +4! Also, full NRG.
+2 Maximum Health
+4 Maximum Energy
+[charged] Energy
13 20 40
Strongarm Band.png Strongarm Band Basic attacks deal slightly more damage.
+1 Attack Strength
Start 5 10 Appears at the end of level boss reward.
Band Of Might.png Band of Might Basic attacks deal more damage.
+2 Attack Strength
3 10 20
Bracer Of Battle.png Bracer of Battle Basic attacks deal *much* more damage.
+5 Attack Strength
20 25 50
Spicy Incense.png Spicy Incense +1 Attack Damage per level and also now.
+1 Attack Damage
18 18 30 Also grants
+1 Attack Strength
every new level.
Thorned Hull.png Thorned Hull Attack Damage scales up with health!
+1 attack strength per 4 current health.
17 17 20
Reclaimed Spark.png Reclaimed Spark Powers deal slightly more damage.
+1 Power Strength
+1 Maximum Energy
Start 6 12 Can appear as an option for an end of level boss reward.
Power Enhancer.png Power Enhancer Powers deal more damage.
+3 Power Strength
5 12 24
Thunderous Boon.png Thunderous Boon Powers deal massively more damage!
+6 Power Strength
22 22 45
Pure Flame.png Pure Flame .+1 Power Damage per level (and now).
+1 Power Strength
15 12 25 Also grants
+1 Power Strength
every new level.
Forgotten Memento.png Forgotten Memento .+3 Power Damage. Let nuts fuel your rage.
Nut Reserve Active
+3 Power Strength
25 12 25 When out of energy, costs 2 Nuts per Power cast. Appears once per run.
Juiced Reserves.png Juiced Reserves Power damage scales up with Energy!
+1 Power Damage per 4 current NRG
20 20 30???
Zookeeper Sigil.png Zookeeper's Sigil Repros deal 25% additional damage.
Friendship Up
24 12 25
Zookeeper's Zeal.png Zookeeper's Zeal Repros attack 25% faster.
They'll do what they must
??? 27 ???
Splintering Twinifier.png Splintering Twinifier Twinifies all future repros.
??? ??? 35
Ninja Sash.png Ninja Sash Increases your speed! Gotta go fast.
+2 Run Speed
Start 6 12 Can appear as an option for an end of level boss reward.
Hypersash.png Hypersash Increases speed by a lot! Gotta go REAL FAST.
+5 Run Speed
15 15 30
Plumber Hat.png Plumber Hat Boosts both jumping and plumbing abilities.
+4 Jump Height
10 10 20
Leafpetal.png Leafpetal Become slightly speedier.
+2 Run Speed
+1 Jump Height
9 9 15
Boltdash.png Boltdash . Dashes complete 40% quicker ??? ??? ???
Zephyr.png Zephyr Increases attack speed.
Attack Speed Up
11 12 25 For ranged weapons other than the Scatterblast, increases max volley count by +2 instead of increasing rate of fire.

Also increases the rate of fire of Powers.

Quantum Spook.png Quantum Spook All attacks ignore walls and shields!
Wall Spook Active
10 17 35 Works with Powers, too! Appears once per run.
Charging Magnet.png Charging Magnet Charging draws in pickups!
Charge Pull Active
5 5 10 Appears once per run.
Dashbolt.png Dashbolt Dashing fires a powerful Blast!
Dashbolt Online
18 18??? 20??? Appears once per run. Does 10 + (2x Speed) damage.
Deconstructor's Might.png Deconstructor's Might ??? ??? ???
Tank.png Forcemetal Shell Boosts health and attack damage; costs speed.
+2 Maximum Health
+2 Attack Strength
-2 Run Speed
6 15 30
XCALIBER.png XCALBER Attack damage up! Power damage down.
+2 Maximum Health
+2 Attack Strength
-2 Maximum Energy
-2 Power Strength
8 10 20
Glass Cannon.png Glass Cannon Gain damage and squishiness!
-2 Maximum Health
+2 Attack Strength
+2 Power Strength
11 6 12
Striking Feather.png Striking Feather Trades attack damage for NRG, HP and power damage.
+2 Maximum Health
+2 Maximum Energy
+2 Power Strength
-2 Attack Strength
10 15 30
Vibrofocus.png Vibrofocus Trades NRG for HP and Power Damage.
+1 Maximum Health
+4 Power Strength
-4 Maximum Energy
24 7 15
Utilifier.png Utilifier Power Damage for NRG.
+12 Maximum Energy
-5 Power Damage
??? ??? 15
Leafmetal Plating.png Leafmetal Plating Become fast and durable as the wind.
-2 Maximum Health
+4 Run Speed
+4 Jump Height
14 10 20
Kinetic Converter.png Kinetic Converter Increases Mobility! Reduces Damage!
+4 Run Speed
+4 Jump Height
-1 Power Strength
-2 Attack Strength
??? 20 ???
Static Clicklets.png Static Clicklets Cling to walls! [Down to slide]
Wallcling Active
10 10 10
Contractor Plus.png Contractor Plus All stats up!
+1 Maximum Health
+1 Maximum Energy
+1 Power Strength
+1 Attack Strength
+1 Run Speed
+1 Jump Height
8 12 25
Contractor Omega.png Contractor Omega All stats WAY up!
+3 Maximum Health
+3 Maximum Energy
+3 Power Strength
+3 Attack Strength
+3 Run Speed
+3 Jump Height
20 30 60
Mixmatch Mastery.png Mixmatch Mastery Cores from different sets boost stats!
Fashionable Boldness Up
7 15 30 Increases ATK, PWR, Run Speed, and Jump Height for having Core Augs of different sets. +1 for 2 sets, +2 for 3 and +4 for 4 sets. Appears once per run.
Patchwork Connector.png Patchwork Connector Set requirements reduced by one piece.
Patchwork online
40 30 60
Armor Spreader.png Armor Spreader Armor capsules are worth 1 more armor.
Armor Boost Up
14 12 25 Also affects Armor Bloom. Does not affect Armatort's Dome or Armor Nut procs.
Armor Bloom.png Armor Bloom Grants 6 armor. Spreadable.
+6 Armor
20 12 25 Grants 2 extra armor for each Armor Spreader"
Vitality Scavenger.png Vitality Scavenger Enemies drop more health.
Health Find Up
7 6 12 Misleading - actually makes enemies explode into 5+ health pickups rarely"
Energy Scavenger.png Energy Scavenger Enemies drop more energy.
Energy Find Up
9 6 12 Misleading - actually makes enemies explode into 5+ energy pickups rarely"
Scrapmetal Scavenger.png Scrapmetal Scavenger Enemies drop more nuts.
Nut Find Up
6 6 12 Misleading - actually makes enemies explode into 5+ nut pickups rarely"
Armor Scavenger.png Armor Scavenger Enemies drop more armor!
Armor Find Up
+2 Armor
12 12 24
Spillover Matrix.png Spillover Matrix Extra health becomes energy! (Not the other way around.)
Matrix Online
12 7 15 For every excess 1 health, you get 2 energy. Appears once per run.
Health Nut.png Health Nut Nuts sometimes restore 1 health.
Nut to Health Conversion Up
15 7 15
Charged Nuts.png Charged Nuts Nuts sometimes restore 1 energy.
Nut to Energy Conversion Up
12 5 10
Armor Nut.png Armor Nut Nuts sometimes also give 1 armor.
Nut to Armour Conversion Up
20 12 25 Procs half as often as Health Nuts (???).
Regenerative Plating.png Regenerative Plating .+2 HP at level start.
Health on Level Start
10 6 12
Enerative Plating.png Enerative Plating MAX NRG at level start!
Energy on Level Start
16 7 15 Appears once per run.
Armorative Plating.png Armorative Plating .+2 Armor at level start!
Armor on Level Start
25 10 20
Cranial Resonator.png Cranial Resonator ??? ??? ???
Case Resonator.png Case Resonator ??? ??? ???
Force Resonator.png Force Resonator ??? ??? ???
Kinetic Resonator.png Kinetic Resonator ??? ??? ???
Thrift Actuator.png Thrift Actuator One shop item is ALWAYS on sale! Stackable.
Shop Costs Down
16 5 10 Can be stacked up to six times (can it appear after the sixth?)"
Choicebooster.png Choicebooster Shops contain an additional item.
Shop Selection Up
13 5 10 Appears once per run.
Nut Replicator.png Nut Replicator Your unspent nuts pay dividends (20%/level).
Nut Investment Up
9 10 20 On new level: [replicator: +<x> nuts!] Caps out at +100 nuts on level start regardless of number of Nut Replicators.
Meganut.png Meganut .+25 Nuts!
+25 Nuts
9 10 N/A Always triggers Nut Augs (Health Nut, Charged Nuts, Armor Nut). Cannot appear in a shop.
Hoarder's Might.png Hoarder's Might Nutholding increases damage!
Nuts Boost Damage
16 12 25 Every 20 nuts = 1 ATK 1 PWR. Does NOT display stat changes as popups. Bypasses Earthmetal Plating. Appears once per run.
Shinier Token.png Shinier Token Counts as 3 tokens. Wow!
+3 Tokens
20 N/A 15 Cannot appear in new run shop.
Vendsmasher.png Vendsmasher Destroyed vending machines give additional pickups.
Vendsmasher Online
14 7 15 When destroyed, Health and Crimson Dispensers have a chance to spawn Heart Containers. Energy Dispensers have a chance to spawn Potato Batteries. Appears once per run.
Nutsaving Stringwire.png Nutsaving Stringwire 50% chance to use a machine for free.
Machine Use Nut-Saver Online
12 7 15 Appears once per run.
Seven Leaf Clover.png Seven Leaf Clover Enemies drop more everything.
Luck Up
15 10 20 Increases the drop rate as normal, does not cause the pickup-splosion effect.
Entropy Lock.png Entropy Lock Starting next level, Slot Machines love you.
You feel lucky.
18 12 25 Slot Machines can no longer fail to give anything. Appears once per run.
The Volunteer.png The Volunteer Future stages have Very Safe Labs.
Volunteer Application Accepted
18 7 15 Should be 100% chance, but some levels don't actually generate a safe place for one to spawn. Does not appear in Challenges. May be fixed. \Appears once per run.
Thrillseeker.png Thrillseeker Future stages have Glory Zones.
15 10 20 Should be 100% chance. Does not appear in Challenges. Appears once per run.
Fortune Stabiliser.png Fortune Stabilsier Shops and slots always spawn! Starts next level.
Fortune Stablisied
15 10 20 Should be 100% chance. Does not appear in Challenges. Appears once per run.
World Slug.png World Slug Platforms slow down (starting next level).
The world slows.
13 20 40 Also makes Sky Temple pulsing lasers and Vaculab phasing blocks change states more slowly. Appears once per run.
Reflex Rapidifier.png Reflex Rapidifier Slows down enemy projectiles!
Reflexes Upgraded
??? ??? 20 Appears once per run.
Crisis Overdrive.png Crisis Overdrive While in red HP, your abilities are greatly increased.
Crisis Overdrive Online
18 10 20 Grants +3 Attack Strength, +3 Power Strength, +4 Run Speed and +4 Jump Height when in red HP (HP below 25% of Max HP). Appears once per run.
Crisis Timestopper.png Crisis Timestopper Freeze all foes when a hit knocks you into red HP.
Crisis Timestopper Online
22 7 15 Freeze lasts 3 seconds(???), triggers whenever a hit reduces HP below 25% of Max HP. Appears once per run.
Mistimed Protector.png Mistimed Protector Extends your invuln frames.
Invulnerability Time Up
12 10 20 Appears once per run.
Unflappable.png Unflappable ??? ??? ??? Appears once per run.
System Restore.png System Restore Cures you of any already-acquired Prototype penalties.
Pickup messages are unique to each Prototype.
25 N/A 40 Does not cure Prototype bonuses, only penalties. Never appears before a Very Safe Lab. If two of the same Prototype is present, only one gets restored. Appears once per run.


Prototypes (main pages: Prototypes and Prototype Augs) are special augs which only appear within Very Safe Labs. They are generally more powerful than standard augs, but they have penalties to go along with their benefits.

Core Augments

Core Augments (main page: Core Augments) are special augs obtained most frequently from Glory Zones. Unlike regular and prototype augs, core augments only grant their effects while equipped; as well, only one of each kind (head, body, arm or foot) can be equipped at a time.


Information marked with a (???) symbol may not be accurate.

Name Description Damage Cost to Unlock Soul Shop Cost Shop Cost Additional Information
Minimech O Grinder.png Minimech O. Grinder A friendly guardian orbits you, deflecting attacks. N/A 7 ??? ??? Orbits around the player.
Any projectiles which hit the Repro will be harmlessly destroyed.
Up to 8 can be acquired at any time. Additional pickups will grant 25 nuts instead.
Murderdrone.png Murderdrone A friendly blaster bit orbits you, attacking foes. 1.0x Attack Strength 11 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
Fires a single shot at any nearby foes, once every few seconds.
Shots have high range, but dissipate once they hit an enemy without killing it.
Only 1 can normally exist per player. Additional pickups instead multiplies damage output.
Skittery Smuggler.png Skittery Smuggler Smuggles your nuts. But why? N/A 16 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
Flies towards nuts that it sees, collecting them for itself.
Once it collects enough nuts, it explodes - leaving behind two random Augments or Repros.
Shockwave Sidekick.png Shockwave Sidekick Wow, a penguin. Yay. 2.0x Power Strength 10 ??? ??? Dashes perfectly horizontally or vertically at the player, once per second.
Every time it dashes, it fires red ice shards in all four cardinal directions.
Only 1 can normally exist per player. Additional pickups instead multiplies damage output.
Gapminder.png Gapminder Prevents fall damage. N/A 20 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
Doesn't do anything special, other than causing any fall to deal zero damage.
Only 1 can exist per player, and no extras are provided by Splintering Twinifier or Zookeeper's Burden.
Re-Flapp.png Re-Flapp Headbutts nearby foes! 1.0x Attack Strength 13 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
Flies towards any enemies in range, hits them once and then flies back.
If the target is a Flapp, deals 10x damage.
Only 1 can normally exist per player. Additional pickups instead multiplies damage output.
Tiny Flamespewer.png Tiny Flamespewer Spews flame cones at foes! 1.5x Power Strength 15 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
Fires three black fireballs in a fork-blast at any nearby foes, once every few seconds.
Shots have low range and deal half damage to bosses.
Only 1 can normally exist per player. Additional pickups instead multiplies damage output.
The Rebeginner.png The Rebeginner Sacrifices himself for you if you die. N/A 18 ??? ??? Hovers behind the player.
If the player dies, the Repro will explode instead.
The player will then be granted health equal to half their maximum health.
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